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How To Remove Static From Clothes

How To Remove Static From Clothes Anytime

Have you ever had the experience of the clinging of your clothes to your body,  the standing on end of your hair prior to removing your hat made of wool or a shirt made of silk? This is what is known as static electricity, but first let me explain to you what this all about.

By general definition, static electricity is when there is an accumulation of charges that or on the surface of a particular material that is more than likely a non-conductor of electricity. It is known as static due to the fact that no flow of charge is there. There is usually the involvement of 2 materials with one of them having more than (+) electrons and the other having more than (-) electrons. Static electricity usually occurs when there is a rubbing together or pulling apart of these materials and is also inclusive of repulsion, shocks, attraction as well as sparks.

The good news is that there are techniques that you can use to get rid of the static from your clothes. In learning how to remove static from clothes, there are some new ones as well as some traditional ones.

how to remove static from clothes

 How to remove static from clothes – Recommended Thechniques.

  • One such way is by use of traditional fabric softeners such as downy, snuggle and bounce, among others. These fabric softeners come in the form of either liquid that you will put into the final rinse of your clothes cycle or in the form of sheets that you place in the dryer with your clothes. Your clothes are usually left with a nice smell and more importantly they keep the static away from your clothes.
  • Another method is using any form of dryer balls. These balls are usually in the form of plastic or wool. What these dyer balls do is to ensure that clothes are kept separated in the dryer, and this goes a far way in reducing the static in your clothes. Then there is also the use of aluminium foil and tennis balls. These are also used to separate your clothes in your dryer so they do not get static cling. However, in this cause, albeit there is a lessening of the clinging, it was not completely eliminated.
  • You can also choose to use Static Guard, which is a spray-on product that is utilized after the drying process of your clothes. What it does is to immediately remove and prevent static clinging. The disadvantage of this product however, is that you have to use it on each clothing singly instead of using the other products that deal with the whole load of clothing at the same time. The last in our methods with respect to how to remove static from clothes, line drying them usually completely gets rid of the static.

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