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How To Get Rid Of Static On Clothes

How To Get Rid Of Static On Clothes Anywhere

You may not know exactly how to get rid of it, but you know that you want to. It can be very annoying when you are trying to get ready or walk into work and your clothes are clinging on for dear life. Static stays stationary because it has nowhere to go. If you touch someone with static build up then you will get a shock. Static is always being generated by our bodies because we are not good conductors of electricity, but we can hold onto it well. When we transfer it to another object or another person then we can finally get rid of it. So when someone rolls around on a wool blanket and then grabs you that shock you feel is from the static they built up. That being said immediate surface static is discharged this way but it does not prevent future static from coming our way.


How To Deal With The Static On Your Clothes

Static can be hard to deal with when your skirt is riding up, or your hair sticks straight up when you pull off your sweater. There are ways to combat it so next time this happens you can be prepared.

So how to get rid of static on clothes?

  • The first thing you may consider is increasing the humidity in your house. You can achieve this by getting a humidifier for your house. When the air is damper it is less likely to conduct electricity and things in your home including your clothes will not be able to hold a static charge. You do not have to get a humidifier to get rid of the static in your clothing but it certainly does help.
  • Another way that you can get rid of static electricity in your clothing is by rubbing a dryer sheet on your clothes to defuse any static that may be there. You can throw your clothes into the dryer with a dryer sheet to get rid of static as well. Just tumble them on low in order to remove the static and then when you put them on they will be warm.
  • Another great way to get rid of static cling is with static guard spray.┬áThe spray is full of positive and negative molecules which prevent the buildup of static in the clothing. It will also free the static that is currently invading your clothes. This is because the spray is a good conductor of electricity and it combats the static that is currently there. It is only made of water and alcohol, but the water has been stripped of all salt and minerals. You can get static removal spray at most retail stores for cheap. There are travel sized that can go with you anywhere so you can always rid yourself of static.

I Hope you have learned how to get rid of static on clothes and enjoyed the article.

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