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How to Get Rid of Static Electricity

How To Get Rid of Static Electricity?

This is a question a lot of people wonder when they are in some specific situations. There are some persons that actually enjoy the winter months, they enjoy breathing in the refreshing winter air, drinking hot coffee and also spending quality time under the warm covers. However, there is one thing that can throw anyone’s winter off, and that is static electricity. Due to the fact that the winter air is dry it is prone to producing a lot of static electricity, which can shock you at some of the most inopportune times.

Having to deal with static electricity can be a rather annoying process, particularly when you have to constantly pull your clothes from your skin while you are in public. Not only is dealing with static electricity annoying, but it can also be embarrassing. If you want to know how to get rid of static electricity, you should take a look at the tips below:

How to get rid of static electricity


Here Are 5 Tips To Learn How To Get Rid Of Static Electricity.

• Get a Humidifier – A majority of people use humidifiers for children or adults who have asthma, or for infants; however, these quiet machines are also very helpful in getting rid of static during the winter months. Because static develops where there is dry air, using the humidifier to pump moisture into the air is a great way.

• Keep Your Body Moisturized – Not only is the air dry, but your body will become very dry during those winter months. Therefore, once you have come out of the shower, you should moisturize your body properly, in order to prevent your skin from being prone to static electricity.

• Anti-Static Products – Another great tip to stop the static is to purchase anti-static products. These products are primarily used in the work environment, but they can also be used in any other type of environment. These products include: anti-static spray and anti-static rugs and mats.

• Natural Fiber Clothing – Static electricity tends to be more attracted to synthetics; as such, it is best that you wear clothing that is made from natural fiber, so that you can prevent static electricity from developing. You should also consider purchasing bed sheets and pajamas that are made from natural fibers.

• Dryer Sheets – If you search the Internet for ways on how to get rid of all kind of static, you will most likely come across dryer sheets as an effective method. This is due to the fact that many persons claim that dryer sheets not only make your clothes smell fresh, but they also help to prevent static electricity from forming. So the next time you are drying your clothes in the dryer, throw in an extra dryer sheet to make your clothes static free.

I hope you have learned how to get rid of static electricity, if this was helpful for you please share with your friends and i will appreciate it. Thanks and have a nice day.

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