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How To Get Rid Of Static Hair

How To Get Rid Of Static Hair At Winter

Come winter, and every woman will find himself trying to figure out how to avoid that annoying static on hair. After all, flyaway hair does little to improve first impressions, and it definitely does not help your appearance at any time. The first thing you need to know before you tackle static hair is the cause of the same. The dryness in the air during cold seasons passes static onto your hair, causing it to go awry.

There are various ways of keeping your hair from being affected by the static in the air, and expounded here are the most popular and effective methods.

Flyaway hair can be kept in check with the use to the right shampoo. Ridding your hair and scalp of impurities is the primary function of a shampoo, but you must pay attention to the needs of your hair. Silky, frizzy, straight, wavy and curly hair, no matter what the texture and form of your hair, each type of hair has its own specific needs to be met. If you are wondering how to get rid of static hair, knowing and analyzing your hair type and using a shampoo that best caters to it is a good way to start. Use an appropriate conditioner after washing your hair to restore the moisture that might have been washed away shampoos.


If your schedules keeps you at home most of the day, or it you are entitled to a private office cubicle that is home to you, thanks to the hours of work put in, you could choose to fix a humidifier in your room. Static is found in dry air, and increasing the humidity of your environment will help keep flyaway hair at bay as the air has no static to transfer to your hair.

How to get rid of static hair when you have all of a couple of minutes to spare?

Well, there are a host of techniques you can choose to adopt. Keep a hairspray handy if you have voluminous hair, especially curly hair. You can take a couple of seconds even on the move to spritz lightly with hairspray so that your hair can capture the moisture and remain thus for a long time.

Flyaway hair is a problem that other people have when you care to wet your hair at the dressing table. Squirt hairspray or lather some moisturizing hair gel on your comb before running it through your hair so as to supply it with ample moisture.

If you notice static hair and have no access to a sink or hairspray, you can even use hand or body lotion. Rub the lotion into your palms and when there is but a whisper of the lotion on your hands, smooth your hair. Refrain from using too much lotion as hair will otherwise be oily. You can quit worrying about how to get rid of static hair.

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