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Static Guard Spray

Static Guard Spray Can Be A Life Saver

Static guard spray can be a life saver on a day when your skirt is sticking to your hose and threatening to expose your underwear. No matter what you do as you walk into work you cannot fight your skirt back down your legs. It also can be a life saver when your jacket makes your hair look like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket. Static does not just affect women; men can also get static electricity in their clothing and walk around with their pants stuck to them like skinny jeans. Fortunately you can purchase static prevention pretty cheaply and combat the problem immediately.

Static electricity does not move because it has no current to follow, and it can be very frustrating and hard to get rid of. It can build up when one object that is not a good conductor of electricity rubs against another poor conductor of electricity. If you touch someone with static build up then you can get a shock as the electricity finally has somewhere to travel. When someone runs across the carpet in their socks and then grabs you, then the chances are pretty good that you will get a shock. This is the static electricity they built up as they cross the carpet on their way to you. If you have a wool blanket on your bed and your dog likes to roll around on it then he will shock you when you pet him. If you have the lights off then you will actually see the spark from the static as it jumps around.


What to do if you don’t have a static guard spray

There are some things that you can do to reduce the static in your clothes if you do not have any static guard spray.

  • You can use a dryer sheet to rub on your clothes and remove some of the static.
  • You can also apply lotion before you get dressed because the moisture might help prevent static in your clothing.

Static sprays are a great combatant of the stationary electricity buildup. When sprayed onto clothes it will neutralize the static electricity’s charge. Since static is caused because of electricity not being able to escape the spray adds molecules that are good conductors of electricity to free it. The molecules in the  spray have negative and positive charges to prevent the buildup of static. It will get rid of static that is already present and it will also prevent static from building in the future.

Is Static Guard Spray Safe?

The spray is made out of water and alcohol. The minerals and salts have been removed from the water.

Where i can get it?

You can get static spray at most grocery stores and retail stores that sell household items. There are several brands such as Downy and Arm and Hammer. You can try different brands to see which one you like better. You can also do some research online about the ones that work best for others. There are travel static sprays that you can stash in your car or your purse. Keep some static guard spray on you all the time, and never have an embarrassing problem again.

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